Sedona is one of those destinations that makes you pause when friends asked ‘what did you do in Sedona?’ and all you can think of is ‘what didn’t we do?’


Sedona is a wonderful place filled with beauty and activity for all kinds of travelers. There is also something a bit more mystical about the area. You’ll often hear around town that individuals were drawn here on a “quest”. So what is it about this place that has touched so many souls over the years? Many attribute this special draw to the Sedona vortex, specific points of energetic intensity among the red rocks that affect every living thing. Some look to native theology and folklore for an explanation. There are enough UFO stories around Sedona to give even the most staunch skeptic pause. But it could be as simple as the stunning beauty that meets the eye at every turn here in Red Rock Country.

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With 1.8 million acres of natural forest, four wilderness areas and two state parks, Sedona is ripe for adventure. Angular formations, high mesas and rocky cliffs define the multi-terraced skyline. Forests are carved by a network of trails and ringed by feisty streams, all beneath a clear azure sky. So whatever thrill you seek—by water, land or air—you’ll find it in Sedona.

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Artists have flocked to Sedona for years. Drawn by the stunning views and positive energy, this dramatic setting has been a powerful lure for many people. The result is a diverse and continually evolving scene of creativity. A highlight of any visit to Sedona is prowling the 80-plus galleries and shops that showcase contemporary, representational and traditional artists who are known nationally and internationally. Visitors wanting to maximize their artistic explorations can time their visit. Every first Friday of the month, several of Sedona’s prominent art galleries host an evening of openings, demonstrations and receptions known as 1st Friday in the Galleries.

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Culinary options are as varied as the fanciful red rock formations defining the terrain. From casual cafes to white tablecloth dining rooms, health-conscious vegetarian to cowboy-style steakhouses, spicy Southwestern to elegant Italian, and everything in between, Sedona has emerged in recent years as a destination for lovers of fine food. While the idea of eating local has become a popular culinary trend, it never went out of style in Sedona. The town was first settled because of year round water and fertile soil. Local fruit and produce, along with trout pulled fresh from Oak Creek are menu mainstays. Varietals of grapes grow on lush hillsides and produce some of Arizona’s finest wines, the perfect pairing for your meal.

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Don’t look for malls or charmless big box stores. Sedona’s shopping areas are woven into the fabric of the town. And like everything else, very connected to the dazzling scenery. Shopping is one more outdoor activity in Sedona. You just carry bags instead of backpacks and have more footwear options. Roam the streets, prowl the plazas and every time you step out of a store the soaring red rocks are there to greet you, like old friends eager to share in your newly purchased treasures. You’ll find shopping throughout Sedona but here’s a simple guide to help get you started.

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