Meet Bella

Arabella Hotel Sedona is a pet-friendly hotel. We are proud of our pet-friendly status, and we love when guests arrive with their four-legged family members in tow.

Meet Bella

Bella is a four-mBella is the Arabella Hotel Sedona's black lab puppyonth-old black lab we “hired” to test out our dog-friendly amenities and to greet our guests. As you can imagine, she’s a huge fan of the treats we have waiting in the lobby for our canine guests. What dog wouldn’t? Bella also loves playing in the hotel dog park and staying close to the action in the lobby.

She has a big job here. She ensures we keep our dog-friendly promises. She greets guests. She is also our ‘Captain of Adventure’.

Or, she will be.

She’s still a puppy. She loves going on hikes but has not yet built up the stamina to attempt trails longer than the ones behind the hotel. Bella can’t wait for warmer weather. We’ve promised to take her swimming at the creek. There are so many things to do in Sedona, and Bella can’t wait to try them all.

Life could have been different for Bella. Her mother is a rescue dog who was saved from an abusive home. We are thankful that Bella will not know that kind of life. She is loved by the staff, and we know she will be loved by our guests, also.

If you and your pets would like to meet Bella in person, you can make a reservation here.